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About Space Digest

Space news website for those who want to know a little bit more

We are Ukraine-based global-minded website for everybody who interested in space and all about world's space industry. Being geographically situated between those parts of the world many traditionally name as the 'West' and the 'East', we have transferred our position of a 'bridge' between them into the informational medium.

We sincerely hope to provide those of you speaking and reading in English with valuable space news happened in Russia and former Soviet Union republics, and those of you speaking and reading in Russian with Western space industry news. Also we publish unique reviews, summaries and, of course, weekly space digests made with love for you by our small but enthusiastic team.

Why not to be involved in space industry? Believe, it is closer than seems!


The principles we follow managing our website are:

  • Honesty to our readers, to people, companies and events we write about;
  • Competence in what we are writing, commenting, discussing and questioning;
  • Availability – for different electronic devices, technical means, software tools and, of course, for all people and communities;
  • Promptness – delivering you information within not more than a day once described event is happened.

Whether you are an enthusiastic writer, editor or social media fan, representative of a news website, commercial company or governmental agency, space industry professional, young specialist or any other person interested in space, we are open for your offers, questions, criticism and cooperation. Please, do not hesitate do get in contact with our team on any topic that bothers you. Answer to all who addressed us guaranteed!



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Contact person: Viacheslav Pronskyi, Editor-in-Chief

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