Space-related exhibits and products to look for at the International Paris Air Show

51st International Paris Air Show, to be held on June 15-21, 2015, in Le Bourget, small town near France’s capital, gathers this year 2,260 exhibitors from 47 countries, hundreds of thousands trade visitors, media representatives, and general public attendees.

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Below is our insight of what space products and services will be displayed during the largest aerospace event in the world. In order to orientate yourself within 130,000 sq. meters of exhibition space and 200,000 sq. meters of static display area, here is a link to a convenient interactive map of the show.

European Space Agency

ESA's exhibition pavilion features two challenging projects: Rosetta comet chaser and experimental IXV spaceplane. Inside the pavilion, ambitious ExoMars explorer, to be launched by ESA in cooperation with Russia, is displayed in a dedicated Mars landscape. A scale model of NASA's Orion spacecraft service module, derived from ESA's series of Automated Transfer Vehicles that delivered supplies and experiments to the ISS over five flights, will be displayed in the area dedicated to ESA's human spaceflight program.

ESA products can be found at Statique B9.

ESA Pavilion at the Paris Air Show 2013. Credit: ESA
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German Aerospace Center

German Aerospace Center (DLR) is known for emphasizing on employment of space technologies in our everyday life and usage of space products and services in Earth's applications. The German Pavilion will showcase 17 exhibits, including Berlin Infrared Optical System (BIROS) mini-satellite mission concept, two observation satellites, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X, Earth scanning progress, Tandem-L satellite mission for the global observation of dynamic processes on Earth's surface, new P5.2 upper stage test stand for Ariane 6 launcher, SpaceLiner shuttle-like vehicle concept, and other.

DLR products can be found at Statique B8 and Hall 2c C357.


French Space Agency (CNES, fr.) invites visitors to discover a huge dome representing a "half-Earth" – "Climatodôme", featuring 5 different aspects of the world's climate and how space technologies help to study them. Also, model of Pleiades satellite – with views of very high resolution of our planet – and a scale replica of the Mars Lander InSight will be presented in a second dome dedicated to "Planetology".

CNES products can be found at Chalet 403, Hall Concorde 58 and Statique B9.

CNES exhibition pavilion at the 51st Paris Air Show. Credit: CNES
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Airbus Defence & Space

The wide portfolio of Airbus Defence and Space will be prominently displayed, including the new European launcher Ariane 6 and telecommunications satellites that demonstrate company's position as the world number one in electric propulsion. The AstroBus-S Very High Resolution Earth Observation satellite system will also be presented, with the PeruSAT-1 mission.

Airbus Group products can be found at Statique C4 and Hall Concorde 17.


As it is known, Europe's new Ariane 6 launch vehicle will be developed by Airbus Safran Launchers, a 50/50 joint venture combining the propulsion system expertise of Safran with the launcher system expertise of Airbus Group. Safran will show a model Vinci® cryogenic engine for Ariane 6's upper stage. Having 180 kN of thrust, the Vinci® engine will have an opportunity for multiple ignitions during the flight.

Safran products can be found at Chalet 139, Statique B4, Hall 2a A252, and Hall Concorde 34.

Thales Group

According to Thales' special webpage dedicated to the International Paris Air Show, the company will feature its experience in the International Space Station modules production, communications and Earth observation satellites design, and development of Stratobus, new concept for a stratospheric, stationary, completely autonomous data capture and transmission platform.

Thales products can be found at Chalet 263, Statique B1, Hall 2b H49, Hall 2c D328 and Hall Concorde 39.

Stratobus platform concept. Credit: Thales Group
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SES Satellites

SES will showcase two distinct services: ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast), cooperative surveillance technology that determines the position of an aircraft through satellite navigation, and, a platform designed to quickly re-establish communications in remote areas isolated by natural disasters or other emergency situations.

SES products can be found at Hall 2b E52.


Astroscale, a Singapore-based startup aiming to develop space junk removal technologies, will unveil concept of ADRAS-1 microsatellite that will carry small but powerful technology to successful removal of the most threatening debris traveling at almost 8km/sec in Low Earth Orbit.

Astroscale products can be found at Hall 6 B36.

ADRAS-1 space debris removal satellite concept. Credit: Astroscale
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This is only a short list of space products and services that will be displayed during the International Paris Air Show, provided in press-releases of organizations and companies that will exhibit them. More companies, such as Orbital ATK, Lockheed Martin, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Ukrainian Yuzhnoye and Yuzhmash, all Russian aerospace companies under Roscosmos brand, and many others will be also presented at the Show.

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