Successful launch of SpaceDigest!

We are glad to launch a new informational website for those of you, who want to know a little bit more about the world’s space industry.

Dear readers!

As for today, we have expressed our vision of what we want from the website to be and to have, and only few things are left to finalize the project. Basing on an idea to write in English space news about Russian space industry, and publish in Russian space news from the US, Europe and Asia, we believe to have grown into something more.

We aim to regard everything, what we are interested to write about, in light of commercial space, or NewSpace, instead of describing space industry as world's space agencies' games. Space is serious business that provides millions of jobs, generates billions of revenues and, what's more important, makes our planet better place to live in. That is why we believe we provide you with a useful tool to be more informed about it.

What could you find here?

The essence of our website is Weekly Space Digests, where we collect the most important news that happen in space industry throughout a week, and describe them in the form of a brief report. Link to the latest Weekly Space Digest is here. On the Home Page, you could easily subscribe to 'e-mailout' in order to be always informed on an issue of a latest digest.

Also, we divide all space news into categories, so that it would be easier for you to find only news from a category you are interested in:

  1. Rockets – launches of space launch vehicles and suborbital rockets; deals, tests, contracts related to rockets, their components and systems; private initiatives and governmental plans with regard to new and existing launch vehicles.
  2. Spacecraft – all satellites, spaceships and other spacecraft in orbit, inside a payload fairing, in an assembly building or a cleanroom, in a test range or a manufacturing facility, on paper and even in an engineer's mind.
  3. Business – everything about space where dollars are mentioned, financial reports, mergers & acquisitions, contracts and partnerships (including public private partnerships), etc.
  4. Government – NASA, Roscosmos, ESA, JAXA, ISRO… anything that relates to space agencies and administration, laws and regulation, governmental grants and programs, budgets, parliament hearings and law enforcement actions.
  5. New Tech & Tests – new engines, components of rockets and satellites, their tests, new technologies and propellant components, new methodologies and practices in space and space-related applications, etc.
  6. Space Exploration – human suborbital and orbital spaceflight, International Space Station, cargo and crewed spaceships, deep space exploration, interplanetary probes and missions, landing technologies, planet and asteroid-mining, and many more.
  7. Other – spaceports and ground infrastructure, all around space industry from a child's letter to NASA to new 5 Canadian dollar bill, as well as quarterly, half-year and annual reports, reviews, rankings and analyses.

Furthermore, if you'd like to know all aspects of space-related environment, but only for a particular region of the world, you have an opportunity to choose any of the geographical categories we have on the website. These are North America, Europe, Russia, Asia, and developing (in terms of space industry) world: Latin America, Middle East and Africa. General news and those, which cover events that happen globally, you could find in the category 'World'.

If you want to get acquainted in details about our concept, principles and commitments, please visit About Space Digest section. You will also find there our Contact details, where you could left your question, suggestion or a comment. We have a Twitter account as well, where we publish our recent updates and share the most interesting things, in our opinion, that daily happen in space industry.

Whether you are an enthusiastic writer, editor or social media fan, representative of a news website, commercial company or a governmental agency, space industry professional, young specialist or any other person interested in space, we are open for your offers, questions, criticism and cooperation. Please, do not hesitate do get in contact with our team on any topic that bothers you. Why not to be involved in space industry? Believe, it is closer than seems!

Sincerely yours,

Viacheslav Pronskyi


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